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Getting your planned sanctioned by the authorities could take a while on normal norms, but we have expertise who ensure the sanctions & approvals of your plans are done up quicker without any hassle. Our expertise lies in navigating through the complexities of BBMP, BMRDA, BIAPPA, STRR, and BDA Plan Sanctions, along with providing efficient solutions. Makers provides the best services you will need to complete your project. From Plan Approval to Construction. See how we can help you.

“ A land owner or developer planning to construct a building in Bangalore needs to obtain approval from the local civic authorities (BBMP/BDA/BIAPA/BMRDA/panchayats). Once approval is granted, the building plan becomes a sanctioned plan and construction can proceed. Plan Sanctions plays a major role in starting your construction successfully ”

Makers Associates offers efficient plan approval and sanction services for various authorities including BBMP, BDA, BIAAPA, BMRDA, and Panchayat.

Plan Sanction Procedure

Plan sanction document requirements might sometime vary according to sector for approvals. The most Mandatory documents are provided below

1. Sale Deed

2. Latest Khata

3. Tax receipt for atleast 2010-Current year

4. Encumbrance certificate for thirteen years

5.Possession Certificate

6.Occupancy certificate

7.Valid Address Proof

Frequently asked questions

Questions & Answers

How many floors can I obtain plan sanction/plan approval for in Bangalore for different plot sizes like 20x30, 30x40, and 40x60?

Building approval for a 30x40/1200 sq. ft site allows for G+3 floors with a 1.75 FAR, conditional on reserving the ground floor for parking. For a 40x60/2400 sq. ft property, G+4 floors are permissible under the same FAR, providing that the property fronts a road wider than 9.14 meters for 4th-floor approval..

What is the required road width for obtaining plan sanction for residential apartment buildings?

The minimum road width required for obtaining plan sanction for residential apartment buildings is 9.14 meters or 30 feet.

What is a commencement certificate?

After obtaining plan sanction, construction work begins, and once the plinth beam is in place, an application is submitted for a commencement certificate. A commencement certificate is a document issued by the local municipal authority that validates the legitimacy of a real estate project and grants permission to the developer to commence construction.

What is an occupancy certificate?

An occupancy certificate (OC) is a document issued by the statutory authority (such as BBMP and BDA in Bangalore) that grants the applicant (builder) permission to occupy the property. It is required for both commercial and residential buildings.

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